360 VR Tours by Cornish Connect Photo and Design

This is a brand new project for 2023, – 360 VR Tours including images and videos too, please come back soon to view our latest content.

Currently we are using the Theta 360 Business Edition camera, its our first look into VR and 360 Camera Technology, if you are local to us as we are located in Plymouth and you would like for us to come and record your home / office / place of work, please let us know, you can do so by sending us an email message: info@cornishconnect.co.uk


So why have we bought into 360 camera technology ?

Well as a business and me being a photographer we are are always looking for new angles, and seeing we live right next to a church, this is the best chance for us to practice using this new machine and hopefully we can create a VR tour for the church to hopefully encourage more people to attend – its a win win situation for everyone, additionally to record the World around us, what is it like living in the United Kingdom, what is Plymouth like etc. I mean yeah we do record video stills that we then sell as stock video but seeing the World via VR makes a whole lot of sense too.

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